Statement of Mission

The Mission of Pakistan Adventist Seminary is to TEACH:
TRAIN: for this life and life eternal.
ENABLE: advancement through wholistic education.
ACQUAINT: with professional abilities and practical Christianity.
CHALLENGE: faithfulness to Christ and His Church.
HELP: to discover and develop skills and talents.

Statement of Objectives

In harmony with the statements of philosophy and mission, the objectives of the Seminary are:

To give the fullest opportunity for the student to arrive at a personal and intelligent understanding of the Gospel, to emphasize the relevance of Christianity in the modern Southern Asian context, to encourage students to develop a distinctly Christian philosophy of life as the basis for the solution of both personal and social problems, and to prepare responsible Christian citizens with high moral principles who will readily identify themselves with a redemptive approach to the world's needs including service to the Seventh-day Adventist church and the community at large.

To be a Christian academic community whose members engage in a common pursuit of truth, to provide students with an introduction to a number of academic disciplines and a specialized training in one, to develop individual and creative thought, to help students to acquire an attitude of open-mindedness in considering controversial questions, to develop in students a continuing intellectual curiosity based on critical thinking, and to help students express their thoughts clearly and cogently.

To endeavour to lead students to an acceptance and practice of Christian concepts of ethics and morality, to develop tolerance of the rights and opinions of others, to demonstrate gentleness and humility, and to manifest dependability of character.

To nurture acceptance of the social obligations of a Christian philosophy of life, to encourage the development of a well-balanced personality through social interaction, and to inspire an appreciation and consistent practice of the graces and principles governing the behaviour of Christian men and women.

To develop an appreciation for that which is elevating and beautiful as revealed through God's handiwork and the best in the fine arts, and to nurture the creative talent of the student.

To stimulate in the students the intelligent observation of world affairs, and to develop among students a sincere love for their country and a willingness to accept the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and to encourage a spirit of service to the communities of which the graduates will become a part.

To encourage attitudes and practices which develop physical fitness and mental health.

To provide opportunity for work experience and vocational training as an integral part of the total educational experience in order to teach the student that labour is God-given, dignified, and an aid to character development as well as a means of financial support.

PAS Anthem

Together we stand, looking ahead
Forward we go the Good News to spread.
Learning to follow, willing to grow,
He is our Teacher, to Him we bow.

Hand in Hand, all our hearts beat as one,
Hand in Hand, till the work on earth is done.
Hand in hand, pressing ever higher,
Hand in hand, shining ever brighter.

To our sun-filled land we want to give
Ourselves as gifts, to show how to live.
Giving our love and giving our all
Here we now stand proud, we now stand tall.

Lyrics by B. Schubert and Music by B&D Schubert
Arranged by Marina and Accompaniment  by Leon

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Statement of Mission

Statement of Objectives

PAS Anthem