Dr. Zubaid R. Khan (Ph.D)

Dr. Zubaid Rehmat Khan is the Academic Dean of Pakistan Adventist Seminary & College. Dr. Zubaid has a Ph.D in Education Methods.


Education is the key to future success in today’s challenging world. You are amongst a privileged few to attend a tertiary institution and thus have opportunity to commence a stimulating life-long journey of learning. Value this privilege. The education that we offer is broad and encompasses all domains of human knowledge: intellectual physical, social, and spiritual. No education is complete unless it deals with character development and prepares young boys and girls to act in a manner that is accepted in the best circles in society. At Pakistan Adventist Seminary & College (PASC) our main objective is quality first. In order to achieve this, our teaching staff team is composed of Pakistani and expatriate who all work together in a warm, loving and Christian environment. They are godly, professional people, highly qualified and committed to excellence with Master and doctoral degrees from world-class universities around the globe. Therefore, I would like to invite the parents to send their children to PASC for studies. Pakistan Adventist Seminary & College will transform their lives and make them outstanding students and professional to serve in this world and the world to come. So, come to PASC to experience the excellent Adventist educational environment in order to be prepared professionally to face the challenges of this world and to capture all the opportunities successfully for the glory of God. If you are looking for a life-changing educational institution, you’ll find PASC a wonderful place to study. We look forward to you coming here and would welcome your enquiries on how we might facilitate your enrolment.


Dr. Zubaid Rehmat Khan, PhD

Academic Dean

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