Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements and Procedures
Admission to Pakistan Adventist Seminary is granted to applicants:
1. Whose abilities and previous academic achievements indicate the probability of a successful scholastic record.
2. Who agree to order their lives in harmony with the aims of the institution.
3. Who give evidence of becoming an asset to the student body.
4. Who have made satisfactory arrangements regarding responsibility for payment of their school fees.

Application Forms:
Application forms may be obtained from:
The Registrar's Office
Pakistan Adventist Seminary
District Sheikhupura
39500 Punjab

Download the form:
PAS Student Application Form

We recommend that these forms should be returned to the Registrar together with the documents listed below at least eight weeks before the applicant expects to register. Notification of acceptance is given by letter.

Admission to the Elementary, Middle and Secondary School:
School commences for classes 1-10 during the last week of March or the first week of April. The documents needed for admission should be submitted by 31 January and are as follows:
1. Transfer certificate or most recent report card if the applicant has attended school previously.
2. Character recommendation.
3. A passport size photograph.
4. Completed application form.
5. The required application fee, Rs. 50/= must be submitted before the application is processed.

Students entering the Elementary, Middle and Secondary School for the first time are given placement tests or an interview. Sometimes it is necessary for a student to drop back to a lower class. The Registrar and Academic Affairs Committee reserve the right to place a student in the class in which it is felt the student is best suited regardless of any transfer certificate that the student may hold.

Admission to the Higher Seminary:
College level classes commence during the third week in August and the first week in January. Application forms should be submitted by 15 June and 10 November, respectively. Since the college school year begins in August entry into the academic programme in January may mean that a student cannot take a full load of classes in his/her own field. The documents needed and required to be met for admission are as follows:
1. Completed application form.
2. Completed reference and character recommendations.
3. A passport size photograph.
4. The required application fee must be submitted before the application is processed.
5. A matriculation certificate or mark sheet issued by one of the secondary education boards in Pakistan (or an equivalent alternative) must be presented. Alternative certificates will be evaluated at the discretion of the Academic Affairs Committe. A copy of the certificate must be mailed with the application forms, and the original certificate must be presented at the time of registration. The certificate should indicate clearly that the student has achieved a passing grade. A 'D' grade matriculation is usually required to enter any of the Higher Seminary college-credit programmes.
6. In order to enter English medium courses and programmes, the student must pass an English Proficiency Examination (EPE) administered through the Registrar's Office by the Language Department.

Admission of Special and Mature Students to the Higher Seminary:
A person who has not had the opportunity of meeting entrance requirements for credit courses may be admitted.
1. as a special student in a non-degree programme or on an audit basis with the understanding that there will be no degree credit given for subjects taken.
2. as a mature student under consideration for regular admission. If a mature person has a background rich in experience, has shown considerable intellectual development and leadership qualities, scores well on PAS entrance and proficiency tests, and manifests the capacity to do college-level work, the Academic Affairs Committee may waive the regular admission requirements for entry into credit courses. In such a case the student may be admitted to a diploma or degree programme on a provisional basis for one semester. If during this period the student shows better than average academic aptitude (a GPA of at least 2.25 on a minimum load of 12 credit hours), then such a student may be considered for acceptance on regular status. It is possible that such a student, at the discretion of the Academic Affairs Committee, may be asked to do certain prerequisite or additional course work to make up the deficiency in his or her secondary education. This shall not in any case be more than 32 additional hours including remedial courses.
3. as a student in special continuity education programmes sponsored by the SDA church for its workers.

Admission to Advanced Higher Seminary Programmes:
Upon the satisfactory completion of a two-year diploma, or the equivalent of two years of full time college studies, a student will be evaluated to determine whether or not he or she should be granted candidacy for Bachelor level degree courses. Candidacy will be granted to those who:

1. Achieve a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) 2.25, with a professional GPA of 2.50 in the proposed major field. A student who does not fully meet these criteria may, at the discretion of the Academic Affairs Committee, be allowed to continue with classes on a provisional basis but without being granted degree candidacy; and
2. obtain the recommendations of the head of the department in which the student is registered. The recommendations should evaluate the potential of the student to function as a professional in his or her chosen field; and
3. have a satisfactory citizenship record at the Seminary.

A candidate for an honours level programme must hold a BA degree or equivalent from PAS or another SDA institution, the degree being in the same discipline as the one into which admission is being sought. Alternatively, certain prerequisites must be met, depending on the students previous education. See Higher Seminary Graduation Requirements and Areas of Instruction for details regarding specific courses.

Health Services
At each registration a physical examination is given to each student. It is urged that all necessary dental and medical work be cared for by parents during vacations. Ordinary cases of illness and minor injuries are treated by the nurse in the Seminary clinic. Students pay a small monthly fee for medical expenses. This covers the cost of minor medical problems, but the purchase of medicines remains the responsibility of the student. In serious cases of emergency the Seminary undertakes to obtain the necessary medical attention and at the discretion of the school nurse and administration, to carry the expense for this attention for initial emergency treatment only.

Withdrawal from the Seminary
A student wishing to withdraw from the Seminary should provide a letter of approval from his or her parents or guardian. The student is then required to complete all procedures in order to obtain a campus leave permit including clearance with the library, hostel, business office and registrar before he or she is permitted to leave the campus. Pakistan Adventist Seminary reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw at any time during the year for reasons considered sufficient to justify the measure.