General Information
An educational programme of the type offered at Pakistan Adventist Seminary calls for a substantial outlay of funds for capital as well as operational needs. As a private institution, the Seminary does not receive financial aid from any government. The Seventh-day Adventist Church assumes responsibility for the needs of the Seminary. The expenses of each student are heavily subsidized because the fees charged do not meet even the day-to-day financial operations of the institution. The sponsoring body of the institution makes this financial contribution with the hope that the students will develop to their fullest potential as Christians and as citizens of their country.

Schedule of Charges and Fees
Tuition charges and fees are determined annually by the Board of Management and published by the Business Manager. To determine in advance the exact expenses of a student per semester is not possible because of variations in course loads, special fees and the level at which a student is enrolled. The same tuition fee is charged for Higher Seminary classes whether taken for credit or audit. A schedule of fees outlining current charges for the various levels is obtainable from the Registrar or Business Office.