Tuition charges and fees are determined annually by the Board of Management and published by the Business Manager. To determine in advance the exact expenses of a student per semester is not possible because of variations in course loads, special fees and the level at which a student is enrolled. The same tuition fee is charged for Higher Seminary classes whether taken for credit or audit. A schedule of fees outlining current charges for the various levels is obtainable from the Registrar or Business Office.

Entrance Charges and Monthly Fees
1. A basic registration fee is charged to Higher Seminary students at the beginning of each semester (August and January) and to the Lower and Middle Seminary students at the beginning of each academic year (March/April).
2. A security deposit is required from all students at the time of registration. This will be held in trust to be credited to the student's account when the student leaves the institution permanently if all bills are cleared and no losses or damages have been deducted.
3. Boarding and tuition fee of monthly installments are payable two months in advance at the time of registration. Subsequent accounts are payable by the end of each month of the school year. Other expenses will be charged by the business office from time to time.

Foreign Students
Foreign students who are permitted by the relevant authorities to study at the Seminary are to submit a sponsor's financial agreement or to deposit funds with the business office as outlined below. In addition, official permission to study at the Seminary must be produced before acceptance will be granted.

Field Trips and Off-Campus Assignments
Expenses incurred for field trips or for Field Practicum assignments are the responsibility of the student.

Laboratory Fees
Certain classes are designated as laboratory classes and an additional fee is charged for students who enroll in these subjects.

Financial Regulations in the Case of Withdrawal
Vouchers must be obtained from the Registrar's office for class changes including subjects dropped for which tuition adjustments are desired. Students who wish to discontinue their studies during a semester must file a withdrawal voucher for all classes to be dropped. Students withdrawing from the Seminary during the semester without making proper arrangements will be charged tuition and other fees for the balance of the semester. Students who complete all the withdrawal requirements will be charged fees and tuition to the end of the month in which they withdraw.

Pocket Money and Money Orders
Students will not be advanced pocket money on account. Funds received will first be applied to amounts owing on the student's account. If the account is in credit, cash will be advanced to the student if authorisation is given by a parent or guardian.
Parents are advised that it is unwise to send pocket money directly to students or to teachers. This practice has led to unfortunate problems in the past. Money orders may be sent directly to the Business Manager who will issue cash to students when the order has been cleared and any outstanding debits on the student's account have been paid.
Money sent to the Business Office should be accompanied by a clear explanation of the purpose for which it is meant. Unless this explanation is made, it will be assumed that the money must be credited to the student's account.