The Seminary & College offers courses covering years 11-15 on the college educational level. The Seminary is administratively structured into six academic departments, four of which offer programmes of study leading to diplomas and degrees. These are the Business, Education, Language and Religion Departments. The Science and General Education sections are academic departments but do not offer degree or diploma programmes. Courses of study are offered in English. Students may enter the programme of their choice depending on their ability in English. If requirements for English medium classes have not been met, the student must register for an English Proficiency Programme.

A Denominational Enrichment Programme in Elementary Education is offered by the Education Department. Two-year diploma courses carrying academic credit are offered in the English medium in Business Administration, Elementary Education, Language, and Secretarial Practice. Equivalent English medium courses are offered in Elementary Education and Language.

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with majors in accounting, management and marketing is offered by the Business Department. The other departments offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Elementary Education and Religion. All of these programmes are in the English medium. The Religion Department offers a two-year non-credit Proficiency Certificate in Ministerial Education, primarily in the Urdu medium through correspondence.

Two-Year Certificates (non-credit):
Ministerial Education (Urdu)
Teacher Education (Urdu)

Two-Year Diplomas:
Business Administration
Primary Education
English Proficiency
Urdu Primary Education (Correspondence)
Secretarial Practice

Bachelor Degrees:
Business Administration - Accountancy, Marketing and Management majors
Elementary Education

Honours Degrees:
Business Administration--Management

There is a fifth year BA honours programme in Elementary Education. The BBA honours course offers an emphasis in management. All fifth year subjects are taught in English. A five-year English medium programme in religion leads to a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Affiliated Bachelor Degrees:
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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor of Commerce (
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Affiliated Master Degrees:
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Master of Education (M.Ed)